Rules of wellness

For everybody’s health, safety, and protection please follow the following rules: No person will be permitted in the pool:

  • having fever, and infectious diseases (e.g. gastrointestinal and skin diseases);
  • having diseases with symptoms such as cramp, loss of consciousness, or having large or prominent skin lesions;
  • under the influence of alcohol;
  • under the influence of drugs or intoxicating medications.

All children under the age of 14 years must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

The pool is for swimmers only!

Ball playing, or using other forms of disruptive, unsafe and disorderly behaviour are prohibited. No jumping into the pool is permitted. The use of fragile objects, balls, swimbelt, and flotation devices is prohibited in the pool. Bathing suits must be worn in the pool.

Food and drinks from the room are not allowed to consume in the wellness.

Every guest uses the saunas at his/her own risk and responsibility. A child under the age of 14 can not stay in the sauna.

Pool area may be wet and extremely slippery. To prevent accidents, rubber flip flops are recommended.

Visitors are kindly requested to use sun beds for their intended purpose. No bathers are permitted in the pool area outside the opening hours. Visitors must observe the directives on the signs and given by the staff.

Thank you.

Management of Aura Hotel
Balatonfüred, 04th November 2018.