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Great hotel close to the beach.
Thomas S Family travel 2024-04-03 11:00:12
Aura is a nice hotel, good food and ok wellness area. The room vas EXTREMELY warm, almost 30 degrees ( 29,7 ) and it was impossible to turn it off or lower it. No one in the staff could help us either. We had trouble sleeping because of that. Also, we thought that the closing time of the restaurant, 9 PM, and the bar, 10 PM, was a bit early. After all it was Saturday. But maybe thats only because of the season.
Catharina Family travel 2024-02-07 12:58:29
Professional service, very tasty food in restaurant, fantastic spa👍👍👍
Renata Business travel 2023-11-12 16:43:16
Please fix the air conditioning in the rooms so that people that require/want a colder room can get that. Your system is old and antiquated and the room was WAY too hot. We LOVE The Aura but the temperature in the room will prohibit us from staying here again unless this is fixed.
Vance and Susan Skidmore Romantic travel 2023-09-22 14:11:16
Überschätztes Hotel.
Was schön war: der Außenbereich mit der Pool-Landschaft. Sehr gepflegt und auf hohem Niveau. Wunderbar zum Entspannen.
Aber: Im Zimmer war keine Erholung möglich Klimaanlage bei 35 Grad Außentemperatur aus, Toilettenspülung lief durch, kaputte Dusche, Kühlschrank war auch nicht angeschaltet.
Essen: Die Portionen beim Hauptgericht beim Abendessen waren winzig. Beim Hinweis darauf zum Personal: Leider nur Schulterzucken. Das Büfett an sich enttäuschend. Besonders seltsam dann das Frühstück: Es gibt eine Frühstückskarte mit wirklich guten Sachen, aber diese Karte zeigte uns gar keiner. Es gab auch sonst keinen Hinweis auf das Angebot. Insgesamt ist das Personal weder besonders freundlich, noch serviceorientiert.
Dieses Hotel sieht uns nicht wieder.
Katrin Romantic travel 2023-08-30 20:07:54
Already visited the hotel in 2018 and 2019 and noticed degradation this year.
- Food is still good but not awesome anymore. I noticed that is was prepared, which leads to low temperatures of the food and decreased quality (the last two visits the food was extraordinary good, it was simply perfect)
- service quality was poor, some examples:
-- on pool site it was nearly impossible to order drinks because servers were not visible. I totally understand that on a day with 35°C but even on days with better conditions (e.g. 28°C) the servers were never at pool site.
-- clearing the table took up to 15 minutes after we finished our plates. Most of the time three servers were in the restaurant and less than ten tables were in use. But servers were chatting at the bar or have not seen it
-- Once we went to diner at 20:30. Most of the tables were already prepared for breakfast. So we were seated on one of the few tables which was not prepared for breakfast yet. The tablecloth was full of stains.
-- multiple times plates or spoons ran out at the buffet
-- Once the main dish was served before we even had drinks or could take a look to the starters
-- girlfriend noticed multiple dirty spoons (stains, on some of them was rice sticking) next to the coffee machine and told the waiter. His response was "not a problem, they are only for coffee". It was twenty minutes before our departure, so my girlfriend did not start a discussion but in my opinion this was not a professional answer.
- at pool site more places with shadow would be great. Most of the days the temperature was between 33-35°C, so shadow is a must. But only a few sun lounger were in a shaded area.

Things we liked:
- Everything was clean - at our room and also in the public areas.
- drinks were good
- rooms are nice, all the public areas are nice as well

In general we had the most dissatisfaction with some of the servers. It was never because they were overworked or understaffed. As I said before, most of the times three servers for about ten tables - that is more than enough. But in my opinion some of these servers needs more training because all the situations I described happened with three different people, while the other staff worked on a high level.
And regarding the food quality, I want to point out that it is still very good but if you can come back to the level of 2018-2019 I would highly appreciate it.
Wolfgang Romantic travel 2023-07-26 12:36:47
Minden tökéletes. Csak a légkondicionálót a szobákban kellene jobban beállítani.
René Family travel 2023-07-19 12:16:17
I loved Aura Hotel!
Very lovely people, very helpful!
Cleaning staff didn’t show up, but…
We‘ll choose Aura Hotel again!
Agnes Family travel 2023-01-30 18:27:27
Good hotel, the staff are very good
GUICHARD Business travel 2023-01-30 08:35:45
Zimmer, Spa, Essen – war alles toll!

ABER Vorsicht vor diesem Hotel: Es weigert sich, Gutscheine zu akzeptieren, obwohl es offensichtlich als Partner dieses Gutscheinanbieters gelistet ist – auch nach Vorzeigen der Seite und ihrer Auflistung als Partner wurden die Gutscheine nicht akzeptiert! Zunächst wurde erklärt, dass die Partnerschaft gekündigt wurde und der Eintrag nicht gelöscht wurde. Anstatt einer Entschuldigung oder eines Versuches zur Einigung folgte die mieseste Ausrede des Geschäftsführers: Die Gutscheine seien nicht als „Zahlungsmethode“ – neben Visa oder Cash – gelistet und darum wären wir selbst schuld, weil wir darüber ja Bescheid wussten und wir müssen den vollen Betrag bezahlen!
Nach einem Gespräch mit dem Gutscheinanbieter wurde bestätigt, dass die Partnerschaft nie endgültig beendet wurde seitens des Hotels …

Das Hotel sieht mich nie wieder!
Tamara Soffried Romantic travel 2023-01-08 13:20:31
This was the 2nd time we went to this hotel as we had a great experience last year.
The food is awesome, the staff is very nice, and the whole atmosphere of the hotel is fantastic.
Bogi Romantic travel 2023-01-01 19:35:18
Nice hotel with good wellness. Enough parking spaces, the staff was nice and friendly. Wonderful food, however, we lacked more options for people with allergies, e.g. more gluten-free and lactose-free options.
Michal Family travel 2022-12-19 10:31:22
Thank you for saving and reheating a dinner for us after a bad travel day that required a late arrival. Service is always the best!
Larry King Business travel 2022-12-17 13:01:01
Great service and clean room!
Chrissy Business travel 2022-12-05 14:54:12
It was beatiful. Everything was excellent. Just the Wellness area was too small.
Meliha Romantic travel 2022-11-27 18:15:23
Nice room, delicious breakfest and dinner, beautiful wellness area, very nice personal, everything great
Torsten Family travel 2022-10-09 18:19:02
The hotel and staff are outstanding! The room was perfect the food was excellent! But, the people are truly what makes the hotel world class. The biggest standout and the most awesome was Dorothy’s? Dortya nickname? She was our server twice and I feel like we made a friend for life!
Vance and Susan Skidmore Family travel 2022-09-18 19:00:42
Most of the stay was nice but the pool didnt seem very clean , it was mossy. And we picked the hotel because of the pool. Couldnt swim.
Ceyy with Friends travel 2022-08-29 11:55:49
Alles 1a, aber das Essen muss man besonders hervor heben!!
Harald Hanetseder Romantic travel 2022-08-23 12:45:51
Hotel Room was smelling badly like cold smoke. A room change could not be offered. Housekeeping did not clean the room once and one time missed refilling the bathroom amenities. Cleanliness in total was lacking.
Quality of breakfast really went down. No focus on outside terrace. Variety of food compared to last time went down. Cleanliness also a problem.
Pool only Service when you go inside to order. Tables not cleaned.

We did not use dinner but as far as I could see no barbecue offered compared to last time.

We have been disappointed.
Jens Family travel 2022-08-10 11:38:06
Quality hotel a few ninutes from the Balaton Lake. Has its own pools, indoor and out which is nice. Food was good. Front desk staff were efficient. Parking paid but easy.

Less positive: bar service was slow/ a bit chaotic. There is little in the esy of views (also not promised by the hotel mind you)
Stewart Romantic travel 2022-07-30 11:16:37
It was our 5th time in Aura. Unfortunatelly this time the service (restaurant, bar) wasn’ t as good as we were used to. We had to ask for the menus during breakfast and dinner at least 2 times, cause we were sitting there for 20 minutes and nobody from restaurant staff bring them to us. Also the choice of food during breakfast and dinner buffet seemed smaller than previous years. One day we were awakened before 7AM by fake fire alarm, but with no explanation or apology. After all our stay was good, but as I stated above, we were used to much better services during previous years.
Ive Family travel 2022-07-17 12:03:21
A brand new, well located, classy hotel. Facilities are good (the swimming pool area is really comfortable). Breakfast and dinner are excellent, with a mixed system (buffet and main course a la carte). Staff is very professional and helpful.
Fernando Family travel 2022-07-02 15:28:22
Very nice hotel, lovely food, great spa facilities and even a few very good boardgames available in the lobby (Dixit, Azul)
Yolanda Family travel 2022-06-01 18:56:46
magnifique comme toujours
wauthia joel with Friends travel 2022-05-03 12:22:22
Everything was well
Maximilian Christoph Romantic travel 2022-04-22 08:07:34
Sehr sauber, sehr angenehm, 90% des Personals super freundlich!!
Kommen gern wieder
loewinio Family travel 2022-04-21 19:14:59
Great food! We were very satisfied.
Mato Romantic travel 2022-04-12 11:07:03
Nice, peaceful environment with polite staff.
András Lipcsei Romantic travel 2021-12-21 13:56:31
Very nice hotel, overall experience - good. Staff is kind, our room was clean and well furnished. The Spa is nice and I had a very good massage. Only several points for improvement:
- dinner: food is very tasty but main course portions are very, very small
- kettle for tea/coffee in the room would be expected for almost 200 EUR/night
- humidity in the reception area coming from the spa is almost unbearable when waiting for check-out
- airconditioning in the room was not funcioning so it was very hot during the night
Danica Romantic travel 2021-10-19 16:55:51