L’aura Restaurant

Taste the hotel’s cuisine as never before! Be part of a unique taste journey and let us treat your senses both in the morning and evening.

We agree with the phrase, according to which breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, an exclusive warm breakfast menu is provided for you, which required ingredients and supplements to be selected from the best regional producers around Lake Balaton. Dairy products from Sümeg, while jams are delivered to the table from Kapolcs but you can also pick ‘Tekeresvölgy’ cheese for breakfast. Moreover, home-grown fruits and fruit juices are made here, in Aura Hotel. If you would like to sip a cup of coffee at breakfast, you can choose from the selection of our Santo Domingo specialty coffees.

Everything is set for a cosy, romantic dinner in the restaurant of our adults only hotel. Tasty and impressive food arrangements, delicious desserts, fresh and local artisan ingredients. Let your senses guide you and taste the selection of our L'aura Boutique Restaurant’s unique boutique buffet which contributes to the premium rest. Our main course dishes are prepared a’ la minute and served fresh, to which our gourmet guests can choose special oils such as milk thistle seed oil, pepper essential oil, maize-germ oil, peanot oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, rosehip seed oil.

We offer premium drinks to go with our exclusive dishes. Wine lovers can choose from a selection of 58 different wines from the Balaton Uplands, while beer enthusiasts are offered Hedon craft beer of Balatonvilágos. Of course, the compulsory pálinka – a traditional fruit brandy – is also included in the repertoire. For this purpose, we recommend the so-called 'Fenegyerek' pálinka.


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