Pure Spa

Enjoy the pampering world of Pure Spa!

Our quiet wellness area, free from the noise of children, offers carefree leisure and 100% guaranteed relaxation.
Everything here is for your undisturbed recreation. Choose from a multitude of experiences, a whirlpool bath, extra-large circular beds and a custom designed sauna world.
Our sauna world includes Finnish, Stollen and infra-sauna and a steam bath.

Opening hours: 08.00- 20.00

Our everyday sauna séances release daily stress.
Our highly trained masseuses offer signature massages and treatments.
Our masseuses only use organic oils and creams.

Massage: upon pre-registration

Price-list for massage

    For a massage time please take a contact with the reception.
  • Relaxation massage 20 mins 5 990 HUF 50 mins 9 900 HUF
  • Refreshing massage 20 mins 5 990 HUF 50 mins 9 900 HUF
  • Sports massage 20 mins 5 990 HUF 50 mins 9 900 HUF
  • Aromatherapy massages (with lavender oil, mango-peach oil or orange-cinnamon oil) 20 mins 5 990 HUF 50 mins 9 900 HUF
  • Foot massage 20 mins 5 900 HUF


  • Recharge your batteries with the help of blueberry extract. 50 minutes creamy body massage 10 900 HUF 60 minutes body treatment 12 900 HUF

Thanks to the blueberry extract this treatment improves your skin’s texture and vitality, leaving your skin renewed and rejuvenated. The active ingredients together with the refined scent of the fruit guarantee a perfect wellness experience. This treatment enhances blood circulation and improves skin elasticity. The pleasant scent of the fruit and the gentle strokes of the massage favourably influence your body functions and awaken your dormant energies.

  • Pamper your body with chocolate. 50 minutes creamy body massage 10 900 HUF 60 minutes body treatment 12 900 HUF

Immerse yourself in the realm of the senses and beautify yourself! While cocoa butter nourishes your skin leaving it radiant and smooth, your soul will also find harmony during this treatment. Endorphins are released, leaving your body and soul feeling happy and relaxed.

  • Rejuvenate with the power of grape. 50 minutes creamy body massage 10 900 HUF 60 minutes body treatment 12 900 HUF

Grape seed extract has some powerful anti-oxidant effects, contributing to stronger collagen fibres in the skin, thus restoring the skin’s elasticity. It also enhances the skin’s protection, delays aging and the forming of wrinkles. Try this vitalising grape treatment and the grape seed essential oil will make you look several years younger.

  • Tender moments of purification and cleansing. 50 minutes creamy body massage 10 900 HUF 60 minutes body treatment 12 900 HUF

Green tea positively influences your bodily functions inside and out. The treatment improves skin elasticity, and boosts your lymphatic system, flushing your body clean of toxins. This treatment is especially recommended during spring time or to accompany a detoxing cleansing treatment since it visibly rejuvenates your skin.

  • Hot stone massage 60 minutes 12 900 HUF

The heated volcanic stones increase blood circulation and boost the body’s natural detoxification process, but the treatment also helps relieve muscle tension and soothes the nervous system. The harmonization of your chakras and meridians can help both your body and soul relax, promoting physical and mental rejuvenation and balance.

  • Seasonal offer 50 minutes body massage 12 900 HUF

We use Shea butter, the fat extracted from the nut of the west African Karite tree, for this massage. The Shea butter, offwhite in colour, is a semi-soft vegetable fat which moisturizes and nourishes the skin thanks to its essential fatty acid contents. Shea butter is naturally rich in Vitamin E and betacarotene thanks to which it revitalises and softens the skin. This massage is especially recommended for those of you who want to get tanned since Shea butter offers UV protection of SPF 5/6 and its beta-carotene content promotes tanning. We recommend using the Shea butter massage together with the dry brush massage as their combination can yield the best result if we wish to obtain a lasting tan.

  • Seasonal offer 20 minutes 4 900 HUF

Dry brush massage effects the small capillary veins under the skin thereby greatly aiding skin rejuvenation. It strengthens the skin’s elasticity and makes it more resistant to environmental impacts. Dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells as it has a naturally exfoliating effect, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Recommended before tanning, but it can be easily combined with any detoxification regime.


  • Purify your body with the help of professionals. 75 minutes body peeling, body mask and massage using active ingredients 16 900 HUF

This treatment supports the body’s natural detoxification processes and improves lymphatic circulation. It boosts your entire organism while it gently and lastingly stimulates your cardiovascular system. It binds the toxins that hinder normal physiological functions, leaving the epidermis more lively and the skin surface significantly softer and firmer.

  • Get read of cellulite! 75 minutes body peeling, body mask and massage using active ingredients 16 900 HUF

This body mask contains an innovative plant-based active ingredient complex composed of micro algae, horned poppy and caffeine. These special ingredients improve the skin’s metabolism, boost lymphatic circulation, and thus help the body rid itself of toxins stored in the body’s fatty tissues through the lymphatic, the cardiovascular and excretory systems. The affected skin area becomes smoother and the appearance of cellulite is reduced.


Are you planning a conference or a special event? Would you want to make the event more interesting and health conscious? Take advantage of our conference massage service! You can enhance the quality of the conference or workshop by providing chair massage for the participants. In addition this service also enables the promotion of companies, supporters and sponsors. As part of a healthy and interesting program participants can refresh themselves with the help of a short chair massage.

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