Smart room

single use 17-22 m2

An air-conditioned room with an area of 17-22 m2, a king-size (180x200 cm) double bed and an aquabar. In the bathroom, guests can find a refreshing rainforest shower and Damana cosmetics made from organic ingredients

If you are among the people who prefer taking advantage of the local opportunities rather than spending their time within four walls while away, then our Smart room was made for you.

Nonetheless, it is still important for us that you find comfort and a beautiful environment when you return to your room. Therefore, a king size double bed is provided for you, as only a good night’s sleep can give enough energy for the following daytime activities. We consider hydration important as well, which means that an always filled, free of charge aquabar is provided for you. To make a fresh start, you can kick start your day with a rainforest shower in the bathroom, where Damana cosmetics are waiting for you, which are made of exclusively organic ingredients.

Active rest is also considered to be a form of relaxation. Choose our Smart room for tha