Standard Room

Classic comfort
Standard room

An air-conditioned room with an area of 23-25 m2, a terrace, a king-size (180x200 cm) double bed and a free aquabar. In the bathroom, guests can find a refreshing rainforest shower and Damana cosmetics made from organic ingredients

Hide yourself from the world with your partner and spend some unforgettable days in our standard room.

What is waiting for you: an air-conditioned room with balcony and a king size double bed where you can truly embrace the ‘fill up, feel good experience’, as the motto of the hotel. We do our best to make sure that each tiny detail contributes to the exclusive, relaxing experience. We created our unique Pillow menu you can select from as a good night’s sleep forms an integral part of relaxation.

Beyond the pillows to be found in the room, you can also choose:

  • Feather cushion
  • Lavender cotton cushion
  • Aloe Vera cushion

Beside feeling comfortable, your health is also important for us, thus we can assure you that our aquabar will give you guaranteed hydration.

As if that were not enough, besides the refreshing rainforest shower in the bathroom – which will take to the rainforests of South America if you close your eyes – you can also pamper your skin with Damana cosmetics made from organic ingredients.